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We accept all levels of conditioning and many people start in your shoes.  Everyone has a starting point.  No one at our gym will turn their nose up at you because you’re out of shape.  We have a friendly and welcoming environment that will embrace you and guide you to your goals.  Additionally, prior to beginning our CrossFit program, you will go through the CrossFit High Performance foundations courses which will help prepare you for the group WOD sessions.

Prior to beginning the CrossFit High Performance program we will put you through our foundations course with one of our Level 1 CrossFit Trainers that will prepare you for the group WOD classes.  You will learn many exercises techniques and the verbiage you will need to know to get you off on the right foot.  Every time you come in you will be guided and coached by one or more of our CrossFit Trainers.

What others says about us

  • I am a seasoned triathlete, personal trainer, and lifting enthusiast who started training at CrossFit High Performance / Florida Weightlifting Academy in December 2014 with the intent of learning the Olympic lifts for speed and force production to transfer to my sport. I chose CFHP because of the coaches and the phenomenal weightlifting facility, which is second to none in the Central Florida area when it comes to Olympic lifting. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience thus far. Adrian and Tyrone are both highly experienced Olympic lifting coaches who are very dedicated to the success of all of their athletes. I walked into the gym for the first time with no prior Olympic lifting experience and am already feeling the benefits in my swimming and cycling. Thanks, guys! -Kim Giramma NASM CPT TRX L1 Trainer

    Kim Giramma
  • I started going to CFHP a few years ago, back when it was based out of Timber Creek high school. I can’t even describe how nervous I was the first time I went, but it quickly became my favorite hobby. The environment was so supportive and nonjudgmental to everyone who walked through the door no matter what their fitness level was. I was able to set goals for myself and achieve them all while my body became stronger than I ever thought it could be. The workouts made me push myself, and when I didn’t think I could possibly go any further there was someone by my side telling me that I could, and in fact I did. It didn’t matter what the exercise was, the coaches at CFHP have taught me that the only thing that limits me is my own mind. CFHP is not just a gym, it’s a place of comradery and family. It is the healthiest addiction I have ever had and I am not afraid to admit it.

    Kim Holbert
  • Before joining Crossfit High Performance I did a lot of research into crossfit facilities Orlando. I wanted a knowledgable coaching staff, a friendly and safe atmosphere and most of all Crossfit Kids. Having two active young girls I knew they would love to workout and they do. I feel like part of a family when my I walk in the door. The coaches know us by name and they take an interest in our advancement. Our fellow athletes are fantastic always friendly and ready to cheer you on. This is not LA Fitness where you are just another member. There is a strong positive energy in the facility. I regretted my move to Orlando UNTIL I joined Crossfit High Performance. It has become my home away from home and my therapy office on a hard day. Both of my girls weight lift competitively and my oldest daughter has even competed in a crossfit competition. You cannot teach the type of confidence that my children have formed. We are a healthy and strong family.

    Riepe Family

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